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Thread: What moves would you make?

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    I'd cut half the fan base this off-season.

    Anybody who thinks that the NFL conspires on the Patriots' or Ravens' behalf. Anybody who wants to throw Todd Haley under the bus after one season. Anybody who calls Ben Roethlisberger dumb, or even implies that he is. Anybody who thinks they could do a better job coaching than Mike Tomlin. Anybody who feels entitled to their season tickets but arrives late, leaves early, and doesn't even bother showing up when the weather is bad. Anybody who hates black people unless they can score TDs. Anybody who goes to a road game and gets loud when the offense is on the field because the home crowd does. Anybody who cheers for the team but hates the city.

    If any of the above describe you, then you're useless. Go die in a fire.
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    Harsh... But i agree...

    I hate people who are are fine when the teams winning, but wanna take to the west end bridge when they lose...
    Then they are done with the team and the team is a mess they'll never recover etc etc...

    We are so spoiled that we cant see things for what they are... How many other cities would kill to have a football team that even makes the playoffs on the consistent basis like the steelers (Cleveland, Detroit, Arizona, Buffalo, Carolina, Etc) or even have a football team at all (Los Angeles)

    So we need to understand that the Steelers arent always gonna make the playoffs every year, but they damn near do. I understand complaining about certain things you dont like. But some people in this city simply over-react, like they are part of the team or something.

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    I think that your seeing that because the team is so close in a lot of aspects but on the other hand, you see them with the same problems and concerns they've had for the last three years yet, they have not been properly addressed.

    Mainly, the offensive line and the continued alarming rash of injuries to it every year.
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