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Thread: Does anybody else here remember life before Ben?

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    Bubby was solid when he had real talent around him.

    He played well for Philly in 1994, and was downright dominant in Denver in 1998.

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    Quote Originally Posted by USMC607 View Post
    I still remember when Neil threw SB XXX vs the cowboys... I have never seen 2 interceptions thrown on the exact same play to the exact same guy overthrown both times, and nowhere near the WR.

    I swore he got paid off to lose that game...
    I agree he made a nobody rich and he was out the league about 2 years later lol
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    Yep, I remember life before Ben and it looks the Steelers are heading that way even with him at QB.

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    Arians interviewing with Arizona.

    Music to Art's ears.

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