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Before his injury, Ben was having a career year and the Steelers were rolling. Problem is from a personnel perspective, the Steelers were not capable of running outside at all unless Mendenhall was in there and he wasn't. The line was shreaded with injuries so the pass protection broke down. Ben got hurt and Lefty and Batch are not Ben.

Yes these are excuses, and while I do not completely agree with some of the play calls, was Ben ordered to run those plays or did he have the freedom to check out of them? How many times were the Steelers in 3rd and 2 from the 5 yard line and Ben throws a fade, which is a low percentage play? It's not like the Steelers were 5-11 this year. They were about 6 total plays away from being 12-4. If Haley comes back, I believe he will have a better understanding of what he has to work with and I look for a more expanded playbook in 2013. Throw away some things that don't work and implement some things that did.

Believe me, Haley is the least of the Steelers offseason issues.
Yep, another year for the OL to jell and hopefully keep as healthy as possible. I think that is the first thing to fix.