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Thread: How many more years you think Ben has left in him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlaZeQuietly View Post
    So it sounds like we all pretty much agree ben will have a relatively short career for a QB, he may already be past his prime. He just can't stay healthy, it doesn't matter how good he would be if he did stay healthy, because he never does. Big Ben has been my favorite player for years now and it's kinda sad to see that he could be done by the time hes 35, while manning is out there on the superbowl favorites just tearin **** up at 37 and could realistically play until hes 40 like farve. ( still remember seeing the hit that finally knocked Farve out for good, it was someone on the bills that's all I can remember lol.
    Not sure I agree here. Ben was MVP-like through 3/4 of the season and if I remember correctly this shoulder injury was lingering long before that. If he get's this fixed and our OC goes shopping for a clue in the off season, I could see Ben being very effective for another 5 years.
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