I was reading in another post about how we need a good back up QB in the draft, at first I thought it was crazy. However, after giving it some thought, I'm starting to think Ben's career will be cut short due to the beating he takes, he already isnt absorbing hits like he used to. I know we cant really judge him on this season with the major injury, but damn, what if he declines fast, we better have someone all nice in polished up within 3 years. I just don't see Ben being one of those guys that plays till hes 38 years old, I could be wrong. It wouldn't surprise me if he isn't worth his weight in salt by the time hes 34.

He takes a beating almost as bad as some running backs, thats why they all decline so early. I dont know though. what you guys think? I Still think a top notch RB should be out #1 pick this year especially because theres no one that looks to be THAT great that will be available, especially someone that good that is going to wanna be a back up for an undetermined amount of time,but I think the steelers should be proactive about replacing ben just in case he plays like he did the second half of this season. I really think we need a better back up NOW, but we need to have our eyes out for a SUCCESSOR, for when Benss out of steam, which may be sooner than we think. The guy just doesn't look that healthy, frankly hes fat.