Follow me on this trail of trades ... tell me if all this is realistic

Chiefs trade #1 to Philly for #4 and a 3rd
-Chiefs want a QB... none there at #1 they say they'll take the BPA, Okie Doke Eagles who NEED that LT and move up 3 spots for a 3rd(maybe more)

Chiefs trade #4 to the Saints for #15 and a 3rd, and a Future 2nd
- Still nobody really worth taking at number 4 for the Chiefs, and they have wholes to fill ... Saints need a pass rusher , Jarvis Jones, Moore , Mingo and so on

Steelers trade #17 to the 49ers for their 1st and 2nd
- 49ers have an extra 3rd, so they don't mind moving up and getting somebody like Dion Jordan (if he falls) or get a safety before the run on safeties happen

Steelers trade their 49ers 1st for the Chiefs 2nd and one of their extra 3rds
- Chiefs want to jump back up and get Geno Smith before Jacksonville can at the top of the 2nd

Chiefs end 1st round with , #15 and Geno Smith , a extra 3rd, and a Future 2nd

Steelers end 1st round with , 3 2nds , and 2 3rds
(#34) , #47 , 49ers 2nd , Saints 3rd , Steelers 3rd

49ers get Dion Jordan or their #1 safety , and still have 2 3rd round picks so they get 7 players this draft