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Thread: Haley Haters

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    He did what ownership wanted. Run the ball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    then I just learned something today, thanks.

    My only issue with Arians system was the playcalling in the red zone - especially inside the 10. AWFUL.
    And that's perhaps what Art Rooney II should have left alone. Under Arians, the Steelers always racked up a ton of yards, but they didn't have the points to show for it because they were kicking field goals. The emphasis last off-season should have been on red zone efficiency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    He did what ownership wanted. Run the ball.
    This belief is beyond the pale dumb

    "Scoring TDs is important, but we prefer you do it by running the ball" said, NO ONE... EVER
    It's good to be back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    Actually he is not interviewing. Was reported on today that he has declined the interview because he has found his dream job in Pittsburgh.

    So like it or not, Haley's here. Like the players, the coaches must also get better in 2013 and I believe they will - especially Haley.
    Nope...this has been updated. Haley IS interviewing..and he's doing it today! Per

    Updating an earlier item, Steelers OC Todd Haley will interview for the Cardinals' head-coaching vacancy on Wednesday. reported earlier Wednesday that Haley had passed up on the opportunity to interview with his former team, but sources both in Pittsburgh and Arizona are reporting he's meeting with the Cardinals. Haley is thought to be in love with his job in Pittsburgh, but the Cardinals could make a strong push for a known commodity.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    @EdBouchette: #Steelers President Art Rooney confirms that Haley is interviewing for #Cardinals job.

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    I have to stop asking the magic 8-ball for Steelers news and updates.

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    Of course Haley loves the Steelers job. He's waiting for Art to fire Tomlin so his Daddy can call in another favor.

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    Haley will be known as the one hit blunder in Pittsburgh.

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    This season, Ben Roethlisberger threw 26 TD passes in 12-and-a-half games. That's five TD passes more than he threw in 15 games in 2011, nine TD passes more than he threw in 12 games in 2010, an identical number of TD passes that he threw in 15 games in 2009, and nine TD passes more than he threw in 16 games in 2008. Oh yeah, and if you divide 15 by 12-and-a-half (assuming Roethlisberger misses one game), and then multiply the quotient by 26, then you get a number that rounds to 31, which is one fewer TD pass than he threw in 15 games in 2007.

    All I need to know about Bruce Arians is that the passing game was most productive during his first season as the offensive coordinator, and that Roethlisberger's career TD percentage declined from 5.8% at the end of the 2007 season to 5.0% at the end of the 2011 season. His TD percentage this season? 5.8%. And that's with a markedly inferior offensive line and running game compared to what he had during his first four seasons in the league. And I'm supposed to believe that Todd Haley's system isn't going to work?
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    Six Lombardi Trophies: Not coming soon to a city near you.

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    I wonder if we all sent money to the Cardinals, if it would make the offer sweet enough?

    A couple fallacies I hear about Haley:

    1. Offensive genius..............And I'm the pope! No gadget plays that "unique" plays that worked.....****-poor timing of run versus pass calls.
    2. He needs more than one year to get his system to work......he has been an OC his entire adult life, he should not need more time to call some plays that use the talent on the field and provide a little bit of mystery for the defense.

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