From the sounds of it there is no way we are re-signing Wallace, a 26 year old, fastest wide out in the game a #1 or #2 WR
Now it sounds like Lewis will not be coming back, just when he is starting to shape up as a good player. It sounds to me like we just can't afford to keep any young talent. So far i see no talk of improvement, just letting young talent go. We better have some big in the works for the draft (trading up for a good back or seriously fixing the 0-line once and for all AND if we don't get a back in the draft we need to sign one. The three we have now just are not good enough. Does anyone see any positives that could come this off season to give me any reason to believe we will be better than 8-8 next year.

How the hell did we get in this mess anyways? Signing brown is like the only smart thing we've done in the past 3 years.