Ben was having a MVP type season before he got injured, noone was calling out for Haley's head until Ben came back and the debacle happened. It was obvious Ben was not healhty for the last portion of the year
Bullshit. Two things changed when Ben came back.

1. 3rd down Ben wasn't saving Haley's *** anymore like he did earlier in the year. Before I started posting here, on other forums (I use the same user name) I said all year the offense trying to rely on 3rd down Ben was a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Starting with the Chiefs game teams began cheating up, playing press coverage, and taking away the short routes. Did we adjust? Did we start throwing deeper passes? No. See that pick against Cincy? The minute we went to two wides and two TEs the Bengals had Leon Hall (Their best corner) shadow Heath, he knew where we were throwing before Ben threw the pass.

Ben's arm isn't an issue. See that 60 yard bomb to Wallace? See that bomb to Brown Sunday?

The play-calling is too F'N predictable, and has been all season. If this doesn't improve? Barring Ben saving Haley's *** on 3rd down all season? 8-8 seasons will continue.

The NAME of the OC does not matter if he's nothing but a Rooney puppet.