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Thread: Tough Season, Wheres What I think Needs to be Done this Off Season.

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    Post Tough Season, Wheres What I think Needs to be Done this Off Season.

    There sure is a lot of room for improvement. Some people may be panicked, and with good reason, we played a sloppy season, we wasted a lot of opportunities and it was obvious our management did a **** poor job planning for this season. Ultimately we just didn't play well and even if we had made the play offs, I doubt we could have beat the best of the AFC, especially the Bronco's or Patriots at home. However, I think it is safe to say the reason we missed the playoffs is because we didn't plan ahead and have a good back up for big ben. If we had, we could have pulled off victories against the Ravens and Browns, and maybe even given Ben sufficient time to heal and beaten the chargers. That would have at least gotten us into the play offs, but having Leftwich and Batch for back up was just not enough. Either way, this team was going to need major changes this off season. Here is what we definitely can keep for next season:
    1. Mike Tomlin - - Got us to 2 super bowls need I say more?
    2. Ben Roethlisberger - - Needs to find a better shot caller, but with the right OC he could be MVP material.
    3. Heath Miller - - Team MVP
    4. Antonio Brown - - The Future
    5. Ike Taylor - - Under Rated
    6 Id like us to resign Kennan Lewis as well he is great at what he does, he and Ike are a good combo.
    7. Chris Rainey
    So that's about it
    Here's Where I have my doubts
    1. Dick Lebeau, I think he might finally need to go, On paper the defense looked pretty good, but watching them play was painful, they don't force fumbles, they don't pressure quarterbacks, they certainly don't sack quarterbacks, very predictable, not as good as people think.
    2. Todd Haley, he's not that bad but he either needs to change the game plan, or get out. Big Ben doesn't like his play calling, and neither does anyone else. At the beginning of the year it seemed like it would work, but not. Then again, if he had a good half back to work with his job would be easier, that's why maybe he should get another chance.
    3. Emmanual Sanders, The guy is good, needs to learn better ball control through
    4. Jonathon Dwyer, I think we have a use for him, but he is NOT a number 1 running back.
    5. Isaac Redman, great blocking running back, could make a good full back, but still not our number 1.
    Heres who NEEDS to go.
    1. Mike Wallace, He's fast but he can't catch, needs to be let go to free up cap space.
    2. Mendenhall, This guy sucks, sorry, but he sucks
    3. Our Entire Offensive Line can be traded for anything.
    4. Major overhaul on special teams, Rainey's a good returnerm besides for him, dump em all.

    So reform our O-line and Special Teams as much as possible, but what about the draft? What should we address, the last couple years we've tried to address our offensive line and special teams it seems, that hasn't worked out so well. I think we really need to trade up somehow, either trade up with Wallace, or someone else expendable to get a very high draft pick, I mean ridiculously dramatic and draft the BEST HALF BACK POSSIBLE, we need our offensive to no longer be so one dimensional, we need a serious threat at running back, I think that would help our team more than anything, of course it wont mean much if we don't fix our o-line as well. But Dwyer, Redman, Mendy and Rainey are all just not scary at all, time to start looking like the steelers again. Get a great running back and Roethlisberger gets so much better, it takes pressure off the rest of our offence and makes Todd Haley's job (or whoever is our OC next season) a LOT easier.... Thoughts?

    p.s sorry for the typo in the title... I mean't "here's" lol
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