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Thread: Mendenhall

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelcityrockers View Post
    Mreh? What are the skills a RB is supposed to have? Mendenhall has good hands, good speed, decent vision, aside from the Super Bowl and the one game a few weeks back doesn't put the ball on the ground frequently, good size, shifty, powerful, etc. etc.

    He is easily the most physically gifted RB on the team. It's not even an argument, really.
    Well he looks like he should be the best running back on the team, but he isn't I was very impressed seeing Redman just run straight forward and pick up 7-8 while plowing over the opponent, Dwyer is decent but has no stamina, Mendenhall though, he just dances towards the side lines, and seems to be physically weak compared to what he looks like. Bottom line is we need to acquire a good running back this off season, through the DRAFT or through FA, I'll keep saying it a good running back will make more of a difference than anything, assuming our O-line improves just a little bit to create holes. If the over all result of this off season boils down to us losing Wallace and gaining a good running back I would be fine with that.

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    I still say we need Mendy for next year and years to come, I think he will return to his old form if the team can stay healthy. If he will sign for the right price. In my opinion, I think he is ready to get out of Pittsburgh and looking for a fresh start elsewhere. I hope Im wrong.

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