This final regular season game for both the Steelers and the Browns is filled with as many big names on injured reserve or inactive as there is on the field. Well almost...

It's a topic that's been swirling around the SteelerNation all year long but has certainly picked up steam in the last couple of weeks in particular. Kevin Colbert and Omar Khan have a big offseason ahead of them, and how it plans out is anybody's guess at this point. Just in case though, enjoy seeing some staples in the Steelers lineup, some fan favorites or not so favorites, because next year could see many new faces.

Max Starks, playing in his 123rd game since being drafted in 2004. A staple on the line, Starks has been a calming influence and even a savior of sorts for an often battered group. Starks realizes this could be his final year in Pittsburgh and is open to playing somewhere else.

Mike Wallace, no sense beating this dead horse any more than we have to date. Wallace wants big money, and the Steelers have to decide how much he's worth. Do you break the bank on the guy who held out, had just an "ok" season, and no matter what anyone says, has had motivational issues on gameday?

Rashard Mendenhall, probably the most foregone conclusion in the minds of fans at least. Mendenhall has said he's not the type of player that feels he has to stay in one place. He is open to playing elsewhere next year, and after this season and the merry go round at RB, he's likely gone.

Keenan Lewis, in my mind at least a top priority for the Steelers front office. He finally started turning the corner at NB in 2011 and this season he emerged as a top notch cover corner. Keeping him on the roster will ensure the continued success of the secondary. He also though is open to playing elsewhere.

Willie Colon, injured reserve the majority of the last 3 seasons. $29 million dollar contract, cap hit over 7 million next year. Writing is on the wall. If he stays it's a definite restructure to free up funds but he still gets paid and enough is probably enough.

Larry Foote, he could still return and probably wouldn't play anywhere else but Spence has a huge upside if he can stay healthy. If Foote returns he should be the backup on the inside.