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Thread: Steelers-Browns score predictions

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    The season may be over but let's go out with some class and dignity.
    Let's hope the boys step up with some pride and smack the Brown Stains
    in the mouth for the earlier season loss. F Cleveland and this dysfunctional
    bunch of nitwits! This is our last game and especially a final home game.
    I'd rather finish 8-8 with my head up looking towards next season
    then going down again with Clevelands foot up our arse's!
    Let's go! No mercy!
    Steelers 24-13

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    21 - 24 Steelers. It may not mean anything to us, but i believe the Browns will show up to win, forcing us to play hard to squeak the win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    Well this game is personal for me. I will never ever root for us to lose against the browns! I care! Bite me with the better draft pick talk. It won't be that significant anyway. Go steelers!
    It's not significant to have a higher draft pick? Really?

    The Steelers traded up from 25 to 16 to get one ... Troy Polamalu. If you also remember, the Steelers never thought they'd get Roethlisberger with the #11th overall pick and had their sights set on JT Losman who they brought in twice before the draft ... How's that sound to you?

    Carry on, but don't let facts stand in your way.
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    Tomlin has been outcoached all year.

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    9-5 Steelers win.

    LOL, if it really ends up being that bad of a game I think I'll just laugh at how inept our team is and how far they've fallen.

    No Weedon, no McCoy, no Richardson, if the Steelers don't get atleast 3 turnovers today and the offense doesn't score at least 3 TD's by itself..well...

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    Browns = 13, Steelers = Who gives a Sh#t

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