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Thread: Why Does Pittsburgh Hate Star QBs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Get7With7 View Post
    Some of us really can't move on from that can we? You're talking about stuff that happened 4 years ago. Is it possible that maybe he grew up and realized he can't do that kind of stuff anymore. Getting married and having a child would support that claim.

    But if James Harrison smacks his wife, no one says a thing.
    If you're talking directly to me I'll say this: I don't get personally invested in football players. I don't give a **** who they are or what they believe in ... OFF THE FIELD. My rules as a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers are simple:

    1) Don't embarrass the organization that I cheer for.

    I respect the Pittsburgh Steelers organization because they're part of my DNA. The way I see it, I've been here a hell of a lot longer than some of these kids that don the uniform from other places in the world, and I'll be here long after they're gone.

    2) Commit yourself to nothing but excellence as a football player and play good football.

    That's it! .... seems simple, don't you think? There's no rule that says I have to stand behind them if they can't live up to my rules. I'm not a rah-rah kind of fan. I don't put "yinzer" glasses on and excuse poor play. That doesn't make me any less of a fan, after all, someone needs to keep it real and keep it honest.

    With regard to James Harrison: Let's be fair and say that James wasn't a 1st round draft choice and the franchise QB of the team. There's a certain expectation and responsibility that comes with being a 1st round pick and signing a $100M contract.

    Some can handle that responsibility and even embrace it ..... some can't.
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