Seriously, why does Pittsburgh hate our own star QBs? Ben has been getting it bad for the past two weeks over a bad throw in Dallas in OT and a bad game against the Bengals, but he's clearly no where close to being the Steelers' biggest problem. Oh, and Terry Bradshaw - the guy who won four super bowls - he got it worse than Ben even has from the fan base.

Is this actually how Pittsburgh feels, or is it just a vocal, crackpot minority? Do fans just want a team that's all about running and defense? Yinzer nation never realized how good Bradshaw was until after he left, and it looks like they'll never appreciate Ben until after he retires. Granted, many of the posters on this forum seem much more rational about Ben. Go to other Steelers forums or listen to the talk shows on the radio and the Ben bashing is relentless to the point where it's not about two bad games, but rather complete and utter hatred. Also, if it came between keeping Ben and Haley, Ben has to go and the OC that never won anything should stay, according to the angry crowd in Pittsburgh.