Lets see, this season and last:

Ben multiple times
Troy multiple times
Harrison multiple times
Smith - pretty much missed his final season due to injuries

Those are not in any particular order, and I am sure I am missing a few. And, if you look at the names, for the most part, they are key players. I look at a team like Baltimore, or the Packers, etc. and there QB's play season after season with nary an injury. I understand our O-lin is always in flux, but common' they had had years to figure that out. It is amazing Ben's stats are what they are.

So, with all of that in mind, are the Steelers injury stats that far out of line with other teams? It seems to me they are. Does the league keep official injury stats? My wife and I always kid about who will get hurt this game. And sure enough, week in and week out, somebody gets injured.

If the Steelers ever want to make a run with Ben, I fell they need to sort all of that out.