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Thread: Wasn't all bad in 2012, was it? There were some individual highlights.

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    There were some bright spots this year. But lets be honest. With the team that was assembled this past fall there had to be a lot of things go all to right so that things wouldn't go all too wrong. The transition to the new offense definately stalled some of the momentum of the offense. And yes the lack of a pass rush did limit the effectiveness of an otherwise very good defense. I mean who knows what the record would be if Ben hadn't gotten hurt? It's absolutley the right time to get a younger more capable back up for Ben. Lefty's glass body and Batch's wheelchair just won't hack it next season.

    So as it stands the current draft position for the Steelers is 14. After week 17 they Steelers will disappoint again and beat the hapless Browns and probable finish at 18.
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    I just can't stand people that think we should accept mediocrity just because we've had alot of success. Lions, Browns and Bills fans arent happy with losing either. They are just more accustomed to it. In fact they would be glad to finish 8-8. Yes we have to deal with mediocrity, but that doesn't mean we have to accept it.
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