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Thread: Reed fined 55 k

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    One big difference, Ed Reed does not go out of his way to call out Goodell. Of course it should not matter but human nature is what it is. Just last week James stated that he was aiming for the knees (yes, saying your "target area" is "around the knees" is the same thing), which was an obvious barb at Goodell and the policy. Again, it should not matter but James would be better served if he shut up.
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    @#ck Goodell. Reed is a repeat offender and all he gets is a fine.

    Don't forget all the suits @ Espn that have so much affection for the Ravens

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    Only the Steeler helmet to shoulder pads warrants a suspension.

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    This is pro football and everybody should face the same consequences..goodell shouldn't be showing favoritism..especially in the name of "safety" ...where the **** does all the fine money go anyway? Cowboys stadium electric bill?

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    Reed is no saint. He's had many illegal hits. But that hit on Cruz was clean.

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    Wasn't Clark's hit on Cruz too?

    Quote Originally Posted by JenZwain View Post
    Reed is no saint. He's had many illegal hits. But that hit on Cruz was clean.

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