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Ok, if I was a plumber I'm sure I'd have seen better turds on the job then I did watching the Stillerz on Sundays! Since the season was flushed down the shitter on Sunday, who out there believes Ben was drafted by the Stillerz and wears #7 for a reason? Yeah call me crazy, nut job, dip **** or whatever, but I know some of you Stiller fans believe in karma/fate! Hell I don't care if you believe in witch craft or voodoo, that **** might help!! Ben is gonna get us #7 and then his fate will be forever sealed! So all you out there calling for Ben's head on a platter, lighten up and say HI to your neighbor tomorrow, cuz it all comes back around! Ben eff'd up the past couple yrs, but his karma/fate dealt with that so lets see whats in store for the rest of his career. FYI, don't ever drink real eggnog unless you make it yourself, holy **** I bought some store made stuff and I think they used grain alcohol! Merry Christmas and Happy Drafting Stiller Fanz!!
ugh, speak english please.