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Thread: Want this team to go back to 90's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    The 90s were not that bad of a decade........Sure there was a ton of disappointments......Super Bowl XXX, 94 AFC title game loss to the Chargers, 97 AFC title game loss to the Broncos which both were in Pittsburgh......But the Steelers were competitive and made the play-offs more times then not in the 90s....The 90s was a fun decade....Of course it doesn't match the 2000s in terms of success.........I remember little of the late 80s so I won't comment on the 80s.........

    But to touch on Flame's point....Yes the younger fans are really spoiled and I find their constant bashing of Ben to be really amusing.......I guess sitting through Brister, O'Donnell, Tomcazk, Miller, Stewart in the 90s makes me appreciate Ben even when he does play terrible......Of course we had those clowns Kent Graham and Tommy Maddox in the early part of the Kent Graham started the 2000 season as the starting QB....Kent ****ING The Kent Graham experiment didn't last long but it still was horrible.........
    The only highlight in the 80s was when the Steelers put the only blemish on the 49ers season win/loss record in 1984, so you didn't miss much.

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    I think all the bandwagon fans went to the Pack/Pats/Broncos/Colts/Ravens/Giants/ Now the Bengals will be in the mix if they win 1 postseason game. I really dont think there are a lot of Steeler bandwagon fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    For the sole reason to fish the bandwagon ****s out of our fanbase.

    Ben has spoiled us for far far far too long and its only right the riverats go back down to the sewers.

    Dark times are ahead.
    The nicest thing I can say about you, is that you are an idiot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteelers View Post
    The only highlight in the 80s was when the Steelers put the only blemish on the 49ers season win/loss record in 1984, so you didn't miss much.
    lol.........I do remember the 89 divisional loss to the Broncos in Denver.....I was 10 years old but really I just remember bits and pieces of the late 80s.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteelers View Post
    I don't know everything about the Steelers or keep track of records and player history, but does that make me less of a fan because I choose not keep useless information in my brain. I root for the team just as hard as any other fan.
    No it doesn't, but this franchise dates back to 1933, long before any of us were around. To be a "diehard" fan of a team that was established 16 yrs ago, I would expect one to know a little bit more than a few names and team colors...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tburg68 View Post
    The nicest thing I can say about you, is that you are an idiot.
    The nicest thing I can say to you, go take a walk in State Street.
    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Wallace sucks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Rahim Moore needs to be shot. Never seen such putrid safety play in my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Best thread in sometime and I agree....I rather eat **** and die then ever root for the Baltimore Ravens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post

    I am a die hard fan.

    I stay up at sunday, monday and thursday night games from 1-4am to watch the games, thats a fan to me, I haven't missed a game since 2008 unless I've had a flight.

    Or does the Voice Say else wise?
    If you are such a diehard, why would you want the team to suck? Just to get back at "lesser" fans?

    That's pretty damn idiotic.
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    Born date: 08/17/1970

    Steelers fan: 08/17/1970... Born into the the tradition without knowledge

    Realization of being a Steelers fan: 01/12/1975 Super Bowl IX... I remember sitting on my parents bed with my father watching the Super Bowl. Not really sure of what I was watching, but knowing that it was important because of my father's reactions to the game. He told me that the Steelers were the best team, and that they would be Champions for a long time if the won that game. He went on to say that they had waited a long time to be Champions and that if they won, they would continue to keep winning.
    From that point on, I understood the magnitude of "Bleeding Black & Gold." It was not just a moniker of saying you "rooted" for the Steelers, but rather a permanent brand or marking that would be visible where ever you went. Especially in school, where most of my friends were Browns fans. I was baptized with the Immaculate Reception and made my Confirmation with the Four Super Bowl Victories of the '70's. I paid my penance through the '80's as a teenager and lived like a king and suffered like a jester as a single man through the '90's. I went on to revel with the success of the team through the 00's, and then I got married (please no applause or condolence). But I realized throughout these times of trials and tribulations and successes is that it becomes a circle of life. I now have a son in kindergarten who wears his Steelers' jerseys proudly (Chicagoland mind you) and never wants to play anywhere else during the cold weather except the Steelers' room that I have so patiently waited to make with all the memorabilia that I saved as a kid and acquired throughout my marriage. It is a room where we as a family enjoy the games during the season, win or lose and reminisce in the off season and the upcoming draft to come.
    So I say this...with all due respect to all posters, especially the young bucks, who have not lived through all the stories from older generations or witnessed the downfalls and rebuilding of the team, either be a fan...or don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    i wonder who watches the stains game?

    I will, although I hope we tank it for the draft pic, nothing else to play for, except get swept by the browns LMAO.

    Im ok with this ebcause it wont happen for another 20 years, not against rattys thougj.
    . Whatever dude.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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