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You are aware that Morris was the DC in Tampa while being their head coach also, correct?
Yeah, he took over the D during the second half of 2009 and ran it into the ground even farther than it already was.

2009: Overall Rank: 29, Run: 32, Pass:10
2010: Overall Rank: 16, Run:28, Pass: 8
2011: Overall Rank: 29, Run: 32, Pass: 21

I sure hope he can get those results for our D!!!!!

Oh, and turnovers? 2011, they were ranked 20th in INTs.

The offense had injuries too, why don't they get the same leeway as the defense?
They do get the same leeway as the D, BUT the D did not lose the season for us in spite of the injuries. The offense did. These seasons happen. Have you seen me call for Ben getting cut, Tomlin fired, or Haley fired? No, but a lot here have. I am reasonable and see that the offense would have had to overcome some significant injuries for us to win this season. Unfortunately, you are not reasonable enough to see the D did overcome significant injuries to play well enough to make the playoffs. They were a top 10 defense (I agree that being ranked number one is not accurate), a standard the offense did not even come close to achieving.

Because assclowns like you would rather protect their reputation instead of seeing things for what they are.
I could care less about their "reputation." In fact, I even said that I agree that the D goes too conservative near the end of games. I believe the offense does at well, which probably indicates the approach is that of the head coach rather than either coordinator.