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Im not going to get into the whole arguement about LeBeau here, but this statement is completely inaccurate. If that play was run the way LeBeau intended, it would've been an Arizona touchdown. James Harrison created that pick six. He was supposed to blitz on that play, he didn't and dropped back because he was smart.
I know that. I was hoping that Crush would bring that up because his big argument is that LeBeau does not BLITZ ENOUGH. On a play where Harrison was supposed to blitz, he did not, and a TD ensued. The point is that you cannot and should not be a blitz/press coverage team all the time. You have to mix it up. Blitzes work best when the offenses do not know when they are coming. Likewise, success occurs when they EXPECT you to blitz and you do not. This is what happened on Harrison's play.