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And what happened in the 4th? PREVENT.

This happens all the time, don't believe me? Read this (ignore the headline, READ the article):


If the Packers could catch the ball in the second half they would have hung 45 on us. Rodgers threw for 3, if his WRs could catch he would have had at least 5 TD passes in that game.
I mean, really? The entire narrative of the Steelers forever has been a so-so offense and a stellar D. The Ravens even copied our "formula" for success, yet now, suddenly, it has been the offense that has carried us the last decade? Too funny. Ben had 3 subpar SB performances and we won 2 of 3 because of defense. Yep, we were toasted in the 4th by AZ but you (and this writer) act as if this was something new for Kurt Warner. The guy has done that to more than Lebeau's D over his career. And it is funny how Ben saved us while ignoring a defensive touchdown that was huge in giving us that lead in the first place. You and this blogger went in with a premise and then went looking for any evidence that supported you instead of looking at it without preconceived ideas.

Same with GB. You are so attached to your premise that you ignore three costly turnovers for a couple of dropped passes (just as the writer places "credit for winning the Seattle SB with the 'refs.') Whatever, QUANTITATIVE measures such as being consistently a top 5 defense are overrated anyway. (Sarcasm)

A comment about your article that says it all. The guy actually makes the claim that the Steelers D has only been good (to the degree he thinks it is good) because it drafted Troy. What a genius! Good players make good teams? Who wudda thunk it???

Finally, what evidence that your choice (Raheem Morris who has never been a DC in this league) would have done better in any of those games?