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Thread: Do YOU want DL back?

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    Do YOU want DL back?

    I say no. I am ready to move on, I think this defense is going to be going into the youth movement here in the next season or 2 anyway. I know DL has had the number 1 defense this season, but it was more of a deceptive #1 defense. There were times where the defense looked great like yesterday but then there were so many times it frustrated the hell out of us like the Raiders game.

    The lack of turnovers and sack/splash plays this season is what the defense didnt prove enough of. The lack of playing press coverage most of the season until last week in dallas when there were 2 miutes left and again, the game against the Bengals.

    I am thankful for everything DL has done with this team, I really am. Im just ready to move on and see what the future of the defense is going to be without him.

    The excuse is, well it takes 2 years to learn the system. Well in todays pass happy league, we need the young guys in the to make a difference even if they struggle a little bit. Im not sure of any other team who doesnt sit there rookies (1st or 2nd round picks) as much as the steelers do. This falls on DL and Tomlin.
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