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If a team like that gets blown out against a mediocere team like the Chargers, there is only one man who is to blame. And that is the head coach! After all that is what he gets payed for. Making sure the guys are ready to go out their and play. Tomlin failed miserably. There simply is no excuse for a game like the one against the Chargers. Had we won that, we would still be in the playoff race.
Or any other loss to a mediocre team. The 2 things the steelers have to do going forward is score consistently through out the game and run the football late in games. This forces the opposing offense to try to keep pace. The Patriots do this very well. Opposing offensive players make mistakes trying to keep up. And being able to successfully run the ball late will force the opposing offenses to score quickly. Offenses were able to make plays late in the game against the steelers defense all season. We all got that sinking feeling in our stomach late in games where the Steelers were either up by a few or tied and cant pick up first downs to maintain posession. They have to be able to play keep away late in games.

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