What a waste of talent. There is no fire in the belly of the steelers. Just a bunch of flatulence. During preseason, my wife commented that Tomlin had gotten fat. It wasn't just him. It was the whole steelers team. You've got guys who've won it all. You've got others with their big contracts. What are they playing for? Pride? OK. That's what a coach has to instill in his players. Apparently Tomlin can't. The Steelers lost to some terrible teams this year, Titans, Browns, Chargers, Raiders, Cowboys and nearly lost to KC. The best game they played was against the Redskins. Some excuses can be made for the injuries that kept out star players for the first half of the season. The Steelers went 6-3. Then they folded. Losing 5 out of 6. Getting crushed by the Chargers? No passion, no energy. Just give me paycheck. I'm off to disneyland when the season is done.

It's one thing when you've got a young team. When you're players are not that good. But that's not the case with the Steelers. They've got the best defense in the NFL. They've got the biggest I don't give damn offense. Haley should go. Ben calls better plays in the 2 minutes he's allowed than Haley does in 58.

Tomlin is a gambler that always seems to get it wrong. The long field goal was just one of many mistakes that we as fans saw. But he's made so many blunders in practice that his talented teams constantly shows up to games flat and mistake prone.

Say what you will. These guys are professionals. The fans pay top dollar to see them play at a much higher level. I pegged the Steelers at 9-7 mainly do to injuries. Now, they'll finish the season at 7-9. Yes, the Browns will sweep them. Why? Because the coach and the players don't give a ****. Their checks won't bounce. Most won't be fired or cut. We'll see them next year doing the same dog and pony show.