Just askin, he was having a mvp type like season before the injury. His td/int ratio was pretty damn good to years past, but for some reason it just feels like he has hit his ceiling. It is a good ceiling that he is playing at, but I think fans expected more from him this season. With the weapons he has at TE/WR/RB Ben should have been throwing 2-3 td's a game for every game.

In my opinion, I think the hits are going to start taking there toll on Ben. Imho, I think Ben has only about a 2 year window if this line doesnt start protecting him they way they should be doing, when healthy. A lot of blame can be put on Haley as well for the lack of production of offense in games this season. I just hope soon Ben starts realizing in certain sitations he is going to HAVE to throw the ball away, it is going to be what is best for the team instead of making something out of nothing and getting hurt doing so.

Posters in here want Tomlin to be like Cowher, I see it all the time the comparisons. Well I'd like to see Ben show more emotion like Brady/Manning/Rivers on the sideline. Everytime they show Ben all he is doing is shaking his ****ing head on the sideline looking at the scoreboard. It might not be Bens style, but we need an emotional leader on this team. I think Ben should be it and he can do it.

No way would I want Ben traded/whatever some are saying on here. Id just like him to step up a little more in the leader department. There were so many ****ing opportunities today just to even get into FG range that would have won us the game. Exluding the Suisham miss which was the placers fault(laces in). I just hope in the offseason him and the WR's get on the same page and him and Haley go on a fishing trip or some **** to discuss what the future of this team is on offense.