Thought i'd have some fun since it's the 40th anniversary of the immaculate reception. Here's my list.

1). immaculate reception-greatest play in NFL history in my book.
2), The immaculate interception-james harrison 100 yard int. in sb 43
3). Lynn Swann circus catch in sb 10.
4). Willie Parkers 80 yard td in sb xL
5). Stallworths 75 yard td in sb 13
6). Ben's tackle on Bettis fumble on 05 playoff vs Colts.
7).Polamalu's int for td vs Ravens in 08 afc championship game
8). Flea flicker td vs Browns in 1978 by bennie cunningham
9). Bettis running over Erlacher in 05.
10). Ernie Mills catch in '95 afc c vs colts that set up winning td.

And I don't want to leave out the pre-70s steelers. The 1963 John Baker hit on YA tittle. Where you see the famous picture of tittle spitting up blood. classic. Also James Harrison slamming a Browns fan. Technically not a play, but i hate the Browns fans.