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Thread: Where is our confidence Steeler fans?

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    Go ask Mike Wallace. Then you'll see where the confidence has gone.
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    This team is not well coached. Just take a look at the teams we lost to...

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    Re: Where is our confidence Steeler fans?

    Im pissed after every loss, but i remain optimistic before and during games.... Lol. I have all the confidence in the world in the Steelers. They are not a bunch of scrubs that cant win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonKirkland99 View Post
    This team is not well coached. Just take a look at the teams we lost to...
    Bingo. Under Tomlin, sad to say, this team has played consistently down to the level of competition. How can there be confidence when you don't know which team is going to show up: the team that beat Giants in all phases, or the bumblers who fumbled all over the city of Cleveland?

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    All I would like to see is consistent play. A few losses, no biggie. But, losing this many times to the crummiest teams in the NFL and not knowing what team will show up on game day is maddening beyond description. Confidence = 0.

    By the way, this behavior has been trending for more than this year.

    And their fans.

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    This team dating back to the Noll era in the early 1980s has often played down/up to it's competition. Nothing new.

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    I wanted to predict a Bengals win too, because everytime I have predicted a Steeler win on here..they lost. I'm trying to reverse jinx myself by saying the bengals will win. I'm about ready to go outside at midnight and twirl a dead cat over my head 13 times and bury it on the south side of a tree or something, anything to get a "W". But I'm in Antarctica right now and can't do any of those things, but I know Monday morning at 7am when the game starts here, I'll be right there on the edge of that couch watching my beloved black and gold and all the bullsh!t about wallace/brown, haley/ben, etc go away and I root for all 53.
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    before the season i was not very optimistic about what this team would accomplish this year. then the raiders and titans game happened and it confirmed my earliest predictions. but then the team changed, the defense started showing up, the offense was rolling, and the teams won 4 in a row and looked great in doing so. my suspicions were becoming incorrect. the steelers were proving me wrong and i was loving every minute of it.

    then the chiefs game came along. once again the entire team played down to it's competition. ben got hurt, and the steelers really haven't recovered since. i thought after the ravens win, this team would steam roll into the playoffs. then they forgot to show up for the SD game...and that's why there is a lack of confidence in this team.

    i will never give up them, and i'm usually the most optimistic person when it comes to the steelers, but i haven't been really optimistic with this team for 2 straight seasons now. last year we were 12-4 and we looked like **** all season long. we beat a lot of really, really bad teams then the broncos playoff game happened.

    i'd love nothing more than to see the steelers win out, make the playoffs, and see what happens. when this team gets their **** together they can play with anybody.
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    Jim Valvano - "Don't Give Up . . . Don't Ever Give Up."

    It's easy to be on board when you're winning, both as players and as fans. These are the times that test character. The Steelers will either implode and sink into extended mediocrity or they will show championship mettle. Every other time this team has gone through a losing stretch in the modern era, I don't think the players ever gave up on themselves. I hope that will be the case this time. What happens in the next few games will set the tone for the next few years, in my opinion.

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    How can u have confidence in a team that doesn't have any confidence in themselves.This team has been playing like a bunch of dog fu#kers.All I know is this team is getting bad for my health and my home decor.

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