I just read the score predictions for the Bengals game and can't beleive it. Most of them picked the Bengals and there were many Bengal blow outs predicted. I know this is a bad omen most of the time but all of the NFL experts are picking the Steelers. The only game we really looked like complete crap was the San Diego game. All the other losses were caused by turnovers. If we don't turn the ball over and show a little toughness on defense we should beat this team and for that matter any team. The San Diego game was Ben's first game back and we took it too lightly and had costly turnovers. We lost to Dallas on turnovers. We lost to Oakland, and Tennesee by taking them lightly and turnovers. We know how important this game is and I think we will respond with a victory. Heinz feild needs to be filled up with loud aggesive fans to show the Steelers we beleive in them.