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Thread: Where is our confidence Steeler fans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    This team dating back to the Noll era in the early 1980s has often played down/up to it's competition. Nothing new.
    Really? I remember under Cowher Steelers frequently beating up on weaker teams.

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    Cowher lost to expansion Jacksonville in 1995, expansion Cleveland in 1999, and expansion Houston in 2002.

    The 1998 Bengals were 1-13 vs. the rest of the NFL. 2-0 vs. the Steelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by North Steel View Post
    How can u have confidence in a team that doesn't have any confidence in themselves.This team has been playing like a bunch of dog fu#kers.All I know is this team is getting bad for my health and my home decor.
    I'm with you. As a Steeler fan, you're never at ease. I don't know why they cant put teams away. Brown's fumble last week was killer. There are moments in games where you think, "all we have to do is not turn the ball over, get a first down, or get a 3 & out on defense"....The Steelers have found themselves coming up short in situational football. Each person on this team needs to look at themselves and not be a contributor to a loss.
    Excuses are tools of the incompetent

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    The truth that I see is this season has been derailed by injuries, specifically Big Ben and now Ike. The turnovers and drops have not helped either. With this being said, I think somewhere within this team beats the heart of a champion and I predict the Steelers will give the bungles hell, win or lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    Cowher lost to expansion Jacksonville in 1995, expansion Cleveland in 1999, and expansion Houston in 2002.

    The 1998 Bengals were 1-13 vs. the rest of the NFL. 2-0 vs. the Steelers.
    Stinking Carl Pickens and that pain in the neck short side pass that would burn Woodson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Lost 4 out of the past 5 and has yet to play with any kind of fire. It's painful to watch quite honestly!
    This is what irks me......where is the fire? Cowher would be eating people on the sidelines! I think Haley knows he is Ben's bitch and I think Tomlin has lost the team.
    Who will be Todd Haley's first victim on national TV ...... and when?

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    It's one thing to be a fan. But as you saw today, being a realist is the way to go. We stink and this embarrassing loss at home will bring about change.

    So much for unrealistic confindence.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Here's my confidence

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    Mine is in the shitter. Being bitter and sorrowful beyond today is completely pointless. We sucked, we lost. We will be back. We will be winners again. It is always this way.
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    And their fans.

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    Im confused, I never thought we were a SB conteneder this season, but I thought we would atleast be 9-7.

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