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That's funny, because before Ben's injury, people were saying that he's having the best year in a while, and was a possible MVP candidate. We saw the offense hold the ball for more than 30 minutes time and again and kept the other team's O off the field. Haley's offense is bring Ben to another level. Give them another year or two together and they may do some great things.

What's working right this minute isn't working, that's true. But we've seen like 98 configurations of the offensive line, receivers dropping the ball faster than the Post Office can go bankrupt and our starting running back demoted and then benched.

There's nothing wrong with this offense that players staying healthy and holding on to the ball when it hits them in the hands wouldn't soundly fix.
They led the league in TOP last year under Arians, so that argument holds no merit.

As for Ben's stats, sure they're great. Dink-and-dunk usually results in a high completion percentage. This offense isn't bringing Ben to another level, it's dumbing him down to a Mike Tomzack. They need to be a downfield passing team. They need quick scores, not long possessions. The Steelers are playing scared small ball right now, and it has resulted in a 7-7 record. Quit relying so much on stats and look at the big picture.

As for the excuses of "you have to give it another year" - yo, Arians had the 9th ranked offense his first year, Haley has the 20th. If a dud like Arians can coach the 9th ranked offense in his first year, no excuses for Haley.

The truth of the matter is if Ben is not comfortable in this offense, then it won't work. Art Rooney II can demand Ben change and pout all he wants, but it won't work if the QB isn't comfortable with the playcalling. Ownership needs to change it's philosophy if the Steelers plan on winning anytime soon.