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Thread: Does anybody think Tebow would make a great slash????

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    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Tebow. I admire the guy. I don't understand why people hate him. But, he is not an NFL football player. He is more of an athlete than I can over hope to be. But - he is merely a media sensation. That would be the equivalent to casting Mike The Situation in The Godfather.

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    Jacksonville needs to pick him up. He's a God in that area(Huge Gator Country).
    He'd boost their attendance and put them on the map again. Can't be any worse
    then Gabbert and Henne. He deserves that as a last gasp NFL career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RIVERS OF STEEL View Post
    Get his *** outta New Jersey and F ryan (he couldn't coach **** or develop anything thank goodness). This kid is big and physical needs developed into something other than a QB though. Don't forget under his leadership he handed the Steelers one of the most embarrassing *** whippings I have ever seen.
    In fairness to Rex Ryan, the Jets have very little talent on the roster. It's much more Tannenbaum then it is is Rex. Also, pathetically, Sanchez is very much still the best QB on that squad. He's pigshit terrible, but still better than Tebow and probably McElroy. Although I guess we'll see about that over the next two weeks.

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