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Thread: Sunday's game against the Bengals...

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    It's interesting reading varying opinions on why the Steelers are where they are. I like the team's chances against any team if they limit mistakes. They started out flat against Dallas last week, but had multiple opportunities to win that game. The talent is there. They honestly need to be mentally tough right now. It would also be nice if the players would rally around each other. Can I get a consistent run game? Can i get some turnovers on defense? It doesnt take much for this team to be successful. As i've said in other posts, the Steelers have competed in every game this year. They just need to put a complete game together (paraphrased from a recent Heath Miller interview). We'll see what this team is made of on Sunday. We'll see if they really want to get into the playoffs.
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    As long as the Steelers don't fall too far behind, they need to stay somehwere close to 60/40 in regard to pass/run plays. If they get a lead, this should slide the scale closer to 60/40 run/pass.

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    Here's what I fear the Steelers will do on Sunday:

    They continue to be enamored with outdated football. They grind out a long drive that consumes between 7-10 minutes, and settle for 3 points. Then the Bengals, who play modern NFL football, score a touchdown in less than 4 minutes. Repeat that for the first 3 quarters. Then in the fourth quarter, when the Steelers are behind, they finally ask Ben to take over the game. Unfortunately, he isn't able to get the job done, and it will be Ben's fault he didn't do more even though the Steelers' wanted to play small ball early on.

    Typical Steelers. Rely on tradition more than talent. They've gotten away with it in the past few years, but this is the year it may finally catch up and bite them in the ***.

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    I think the Steelers will come out strong in this game and take the lead early on and then like they have done so so many times this year when they get some momentum and take an early lead somebody will commit a stupid turnover which will get the Bengals right back in the game...

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