Peter King carries a lot of weight with homer fans and fans who really don't have a real opinion of anything on their own. All these national columnists are like that. The real fans, fans that know something about the game no matter who they cheer for just take his comments with a grain of salt. If he writes something good, they like him, if he bashes their team, they hate him.

If he thinks that Steelers fans are the only ones that call for a coaches head everytime there's a bad season then he needs his head examined. I would hope to God he has more sense than that.

Steelers fans are passionate people who speak with a lot of emotion when it comes to our team. Do most of us actually want Tomlin fired? Probably not although there are some. The real issue is, IMO, they want Tomlin to backup what he preaches in a way that truly sends a message.

If you're going to demote someone then do it for real; not starting a starter but yet still letting him play doesn't do anything.

If you're going to preach the hot hand at RB and stick with it like you have been the last few weeks, then do that for every position. If someone isn't playing well then sit them down.

Things of that nature are magnified in the wake of losing 4-5 games.