This team doesn't deserve to make the playoffs. The inconstancy's from each unit has put this season in the toilet. There is no way that this team makes the playoffs and magically plays a complete game. we don't make the playoffs, it will put a specific microscope on Tomlin, Colbert, Le Beau, the "young money" WR crew as well as the lack of pass rush. Not to mention O-line and RB issues.

These people and areas need to be addressed. And making the playoffs would disillusion people into thinking that we are close. We are not close.

We need accountability in this organization.

1.Who's holding AB accountable for his repeated fumbles in three games this year?
2.Who's holding the poor tackling by this team in 4 big games this year?
3.Who's holding Wallace accountable for his lackadaisical attitude for at least half this season?
4.Who's accountable for the lack of push up the middle of the D-line for the last 3 years?
5.Why can't our organization use free agency a little bit?

My point is that we need someone to be the bottom line and for there to be repercussions for lack of performance. Currently, we have none.

And to get it, we need to be embarrassed by not making the playoffs. Which will energize our fan base to yell and scream at the Ronny's and General Manager Colbert to do better.