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Thread: dallas gameplan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame View Post
    dude victorian just came off the practise squad because of injuries.

    what the **** is wrong with you people dissing on him?
    Here's that rare occurrence when I actually agree with you. Ya Victorian was torched all day yesterday... Did anyone really expect any different? He just got off the practice squad last week and due to the unbelievable amount of injures he's thrown into the fire. Not only that, but he had to man up on a Pro Bowl WR. I don't know how anyone can blame him. It's unrealistic for anyone to have expected any different. Yes he was torched but he played his *** off, and frankly, it could've been worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    Well it would have been nice to see press coverage instead of playing him 10 yards off every play
    exactly, if you are going to get beat, FREAKIN MAN UP and go toe to toe, not dink and dunk marsha brady style with a huge cushion...

    ive noted it on other threads...basically our most complete game was the beating we put on the Marsha Bradies last year, tight coverage, and a power methodical clock consuming drives...

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