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Thread: There's no QB in TEAM.

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    He wanted Arians to stay. Then when II forced him out over Tomlin's wishes he wanted Kirby Wilson to be the OC but was concerned he may not be well enough to do it after the fire.

    The run game is worse now because all we do is run up the %^&*( middle. ONE outside run the last two games btw. As soon as the D sees us handing off they all converge right to the middle of the field.

    Arians had a run game, always did. The problem was people are so worried that "OMG he threw 3 times in a row our defense is getting tired" that no one wanted to admit that the defense's "problems" are were not because of Arians.

    But Haley is even worse. He subs too much, the offense is only in rhythm when he doesn't constantly sub at the end of a half or game (we are second in the NFL in final 2 minute points) at WR and RB. He doesn't like Ben in the hurry up because he's not running the show then, Ben is.

    Yeah, Arians and Ben were close. But one thing that can't be denied is Arians thought what he did as OC gave them the best chance to win. What Haley does at OC is what he thinks is the best for Todd Haley's ego.
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