I know Im going to get some heat for this. This season has been subpar for Wood. You might as well put Worilds on his side, there is no difference it seems. The lack of pressure on the QB can go on our front 3 also, but seriously, does Wood have any other move besides a bullrush? I know he has been banged up, but how much are we paying this guy. You can make an excuse for him for being doubled this season with Harrsion out, but in years past he tore it up without Harrison. Troy, did anyone see that tackle where he leaped over an imaginary defender just to try and get to Dez Bryants side? Or whoever the receiver was??

Now onto DL. I know his philosophy is not to give up the big play. But when an offense is averaging 8 yards per play on you, it takes only 3 plays to equal a big play. Then in the last 2 minutes of the game you decide to play man coverage??? WHAT THE ****!!!! Keisel needs to be taken out of the game more so Heyward can be getting more reps.

I am confused as hell to the identity of this team, Ben doesnt seem like he is taking an extra step forward this season at all. The lack of pressure on the Qb is pathetic, the lack of Int's/forced fumbles, Mental errors(AB). I mean is Ben seriously sliding the line into right protections??? Fans like to think Pouncey is a great leader because he brings an attitude, well either they are full of **** or the other guys arent getting it on the line.

Sorry for the rant.