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Thread: Will the real Woodley please stand up/ DL play man?

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    Latrobe made me sad saying that. 98 is like a broke man in Las Vegas........done.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Like some of you have suggested on here already: I wouldnt hate it, but I'd be suprised to see some wholesale type moves coming from the Steelers this offseason. I dont think we'll see anything other than restructuring for Polamalu. One of my favorite all time players, but i said trade him 2 years ago. Now, they are going to let Ryan Mundy go (thank god) and who do you have to play inplace of Troy and or Clark besides Allen and Allen? They better hope Ike can stay healthy and that they can resign Lewis AND he continues to improve from year to year. He was 3-4 INTs away from a probowl bid last year.

    I say cut your losses and "Hines Ward" Casey Hampton. Steve McClendon can fill the role for the time being and I love the thought of getting Jesse Williams (the DT from BAMA i think thats his name) on day 2. Kiesel and Heyward/Hood are a solid bunch. I say solid because Diesel is damn good, Cam is young and comming along and Hood is semi-servicable for now.

    Hopefully James Harrison will re-work his contract some how because while Jason Worilds improved he isnt ready to be a fulltime starter by a long shot. Timmons is a STUD one game, invisible the next but he is still our most productive LB. Foote will be replaced but either Sean Spence or our 1st rounder this year. So that leaves LaMarr Woodley...

    This dude has the ability to be one of the best at his position again. But when you have hamstring and Quadracep issues every season: Its because you're out of shape (as we all know he plays @ about 10-15 lbs over weight) The issue isnt the way he is used in the defense, the play calls... its the fact this guy hasnt decided, for whatever reason, he wants to be an ELITE OLB. When you throw OT's aside with one arm on your way to the QB, i think its ok to be "soley" a Bull Rusher. He also, like Harrison, is pretty damn good at stacking up blocks in the run game which goes un-noticed on most pass rushers. I think the problem is that everything has come so easy to him until now in his NFL career. For him to get better or even maintain his status up to 2011, he is going to have to work harder and harder and its obvious he doesnt.

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