This is still an important game for the Steelers because as long as the Ravens continue to lose the Steelers will still have a chance to win the AFC North. The Steelers with a win today and a loss by the Ravens pull within one game of the division lead, and even if they lose in Dallas and the Ravens lose to Denver the Ravens still do not clinch the AFC North. I mentioned this in another thread that even if the Steelers would lose today in Dallas and comeback and beat the Bengals and Browns the final 2 weeks and the Ravens lose their final 3 games to the Broncos,Giants,and Bengals and finish 9-7 there would then be a 3 way tie with the Steelers,Ravens and Bengals at 9-7 in the AFC North and if that happens the Steelers would win the 3 way tiebraker based on having a 3-1 record versus the Bengals and Ravens to the Ravens 2-2 record against the Steelers and Bengals,and the Bengals 1-3 record against the Steelers and Ravens and win the AFC North. So while we always want the Ravens to lose we especially want their misery to continue today so it will continue to give the Steelers life in the AFC North. Anyway if anybody wants to discuss this game while it is going on at 1 before the Steelers game at 4 you can do so right here in this thread. Should be a fun day of football cant wait GO DENVER!!!