I've been seeing a lot of posts about Tomlin and how the Steelers suck and are gonna limp into the playoffs and get our *** kicked... and how "great" teams like the patriots don't have the problems we do... Then they complain that the players have lost their fire... What do you think you guys are doing?

Yea I'm not gonna lie I miss the old days and watching Bill Cowher's chin sticking out at the sidelines and hearing the announcers say "now thats the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers". I miss having one of the best Offensive lines in football and seeing the Bus truck over people for 7 yard gains at a time making teams play on their heels than destroying them on defense. But saying Tomlin is a bad coach and the players aren't behind him anymore is messed up. If DeCastro and Adams didn't go down with injuries we might have had an awesome running game with Dywer, Pouncy, Adams, and DeCastro. Hell if Polamalu didn't get hurt he might have had one last season in him and cause some game changing turnovers. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of our guys got hurt this season and the rest are playing hurt. And so what if we limp into the goddamn playoffs we did it before and we'll do it again. we knocked off the Ravens with Charlie Batch and half our secondary... Right now we should be rallying behind our team. F*#$ the patriots! I hope we crush them with our crappy patchwork o-line and Tomlin says some cliche Lombardi quote after the game. I hope Polamalu has the playoff game of his life and make sure he goes out with a bang. This team has a chance to make the playoffs and I'm staying on this ship until it actually sinks, for whoever jumped off already I'll see you when you jump back on when were deep into the playoffs.