(I just discovered that there was a separate draft board)

My mock assumes the Steelers draft around #21

1st - Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon - I'm all in on Jordan. I think he's the elite pass rusher in this draft who is currently not getting the top recognition. I think he is the total package as a pass rusher, and his athleticism will allow him to play in any scheme. I would be happy to sacrifice our 3rd to trade up and ensure we get him

2nd - David Amerson FS NC State - A popular guy around here, i've noticed. Amerson is the pure ballhawk this team has lacked since Troy's injury decline started a few years ago. I would be happy to sacrifice a mid round pick to trade up and ensure we get him

3rd - Da'rick Rogers WR Tennessee Tech - Character Concerns are dropping his stock, but he's got all the skills this team lacks. We need a guy with some size and strength to begin expanding this offense under Haley. He's got a mix of skills that remind me of a Julio Jones. He's not a great route runner, but those are things that can be coached... his size, speed, ball skills can't.

4th - Jonathan Brown ILB Illinois - He's a tackling machine. Atheltic to run to the ball, Strong at the point of attack. Versatile enough to fit my LB draft strategy of looking for guys who can play 4-3 as well.

5th - Michael Dyer RB Auburn/Ark State - All the talk is that he is returning to college ball next year. I'll believe it when I see it. I bet an agent convinces him to enter the NFL draft. The Steelers probably wont go for a guy with such a checkered past, but the value in the 5th would be excellent.

6th - AJ Klein ILB Iowa State - Sticking with the strategy that the 4-3 is in our future. I'm not sure where Klein fits in that type of future, but I know he's a gamer who will play NFL ball.

7th - DeQuinta Jones DT/DE Arkansas - He's a project, but the frame is intriguing. He's shown some flashes, but doesn't seem to fit in the scheme at Arkansas. His hand placement and athleticism would make him a more natural 1 gapper.