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Thread: Apparently Andrew Luck is already better than Ben Roethlisberger

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonKirkland99 View Post
    Ooooooow, Wallace going to Indy next year? Ship him the #$@# out as soon as possible.
    In the right system he can be very, very dangerous. Just not so much in this dink-dank-dunk offense we now employ.

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    Apparently Andrew Luck is already better than Ben Roethlisberger

    Pro Bowl


    31st in QB rating....about the same in completion %......almost the same number of TD/INT

    He's hugely overrated right now....he's going to be GREAT....right now he's very lucky and very good in the 4th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    My problem with the QBR has nothing to do with my beliefs......I pointed out the flaw of having Alex Smith ranked higher then Big Ben.....I think most would agree Smith is nowhere near the QB that Ben is or ever will be....If you like the QBR then great that is your opinion but I just can't take it serious....Its more in depth then the NFLs QB rating which I also said is a joke......You seem to be a stat guy and that is cool but stats don't tell the whole story about a player....I like stats to but I don't use them to make my final judgments on a player.....
    You just did it. Your BELIEF is that Roethlisberger is vastly better than Smith. I'm not here to argue that... What QBR shows is that Smith PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR, was equally as effective as Roethlisberger's. But QBR isn't the only stat. It's just the best indicator of overall performance based on what we should value from our QB. You should be able to stratify and say, "Yes, Alex Smith has a very high QBR, but he is also protected by an excellent running game, an elite defense, and he only has to throw for 190 yards per game". QBR is a stat built upon other stats, for example Pass EPA, the Pass EPA is that "passing" portion of the QBR, if you look at just the Pass EPA, you would see that Alex Smith is 21st in the league (Ben is 7th, Luck is 14th). This probably equates more to your opinion of Alex Smith. What fans need to realize is that playing QB is made up of much more than JUST throwing the ball. If you look at Total EPA (Pass, Run, sack, penalty), Alex Smith ranks 20th. While I accept that QBR involves a lot of judgement, I think it is by far the best statistic being used in football today.

    I don't use stats to make my judgement on players. I watch the game. Advanced stats are there to bring context to the performances we see.

    When you watch Luck, you should be able to SEE the talent level (elite). THEN you can look at the stats to compare what you see to what the advanced statistics show.

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