Tomlin is going on his 6th FULL season this season and just let me throw this out there since everyone forgets of what Tomlin has done with this team so far.

62-31 for career coaching record in the regular season.

5-3 in playoffs

4 division titles

2 AFC championships

1 super bowl

When you haters have time, please tell us who you would want coaching this team right now? Or why Tomlin shouldnt have been hired the HC position and who you wanted when BC retired. Please tell me Whiz. Tomlin is the whipping boy when we lose, I can understand that to a degree. On this board for some reason, when we win, he gets jack **** for credit.

Im not going to say Tomlin is the greatest ****ing coach in the league by any means. But damn, if Tomlin got fired today as head coach, he would have another NFL head coaching job by the days end. Yes, he probably doesnt prepare the team as well as he should but the man is only 40 years old. Give him a few more seasons as he will continue to grow as a coach and then we can make a say on whether he was good or not.

As of right now he is doing fine. With the injuries we have had this season, I think 7-6 is pretty decent. I had them going 10-6 to finish the season which could still probably happen, but this team is not going 12-4 every single season like it has for the past 3 out of 4 seasons.