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the point is that you can land great talent and impact players in those mid rounds (granted it's harder), but that's where Colbert nabs a Mike Wallace or Keenan Lewis... or later rounds like Cortez Allen or Chris Rainey

Sure, you miss 4 out of 5 times... but I'd rather take those shots on players that could make a difference regularly, rather then investing in a backup you "might" need.

90% of the QBs drafted outside the first 2 rounds are free agents in 2 years... go get one of them in free agency, and coach em up. or sign a veteran as a long term backup... the Steelers have been to 3 super bowls with that strategy, i think it's worked out ok.
i totally understand....i dont think aaron murray is some bum either though, i think hes farrrr superior to mccoy and could actually be a good player...wouldnt be surprised to see him in the 2nd round discussion which if he falls and does well could bring a return for us in wins or trade value