which could come in the form of a FS, SS, OLB, NT, or CB...its not gonna come all at once

First 3 picks could be a lot of different options. They could take John Jenkins in the first and brandon jenkins in the second, they culd target a safety like McDonald, Reid, Rambo, Vaccaro....all of which have their value all over the place at this point. They could go with Amerson, Banks, Rhodes at CB, amerson is a FS to me but banks and rhodes are long rangy CB who are press man guys. But G, WR, RB are all needs too. Obviously im on board with a top guard again. Having a interior line that is unbeatable will make adams and gilbert look like gods at tackle. We want to go towards building a line that dominates rather than keep playing musical linemen with backups, dont want to turn into the bears and just watch them get pummeled week after week