Who are the resident draft nerds around here?

What players do you have your eye on?

1. Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon - He's been my guy since early in the season, but I expect he's moved up boards from a late 1st rounder, into a top 20 pick for sure. This team desperately lacks a player who can create a pass rush through speed/skill rather then power/scheme. Jordan, dare I make the comparison, has the same explosiveness and the nasty arm length and hand athleticism as Aldon Smith. This is the year, and Jordan is the type of player, that I would give up picks to move up and get. But.. alas, but combine day, he'll probably be a top 10-15 pick.

2. Eric Reid FS LSU - clearly the best safety in the draft, and a guy who comes from a DB factory (LSU). I think he's a better all around player then Mark Barron. He's the typical, big game playmaker... as I'm sure no one has forgotten that INT at the 1 yard line to hold the 6-6 tie game at Alabama 2011. It's time to get some talent groomed behind Troy/Clark.

3. Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M - The 3rd best pass rusher in the draft (Jones, Jordan). Note the elite explosion and pass rush versatility that Jones and Jordan have, but probably the most well rounded of the bunch. Plays the run very well for an end.

4. Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB LSU - He probably won't be available when we draft, and I wouldn't trade up for him. But if he did end up being the "guy that falls", I'd jump. No where near the explosive/dynamic talent that Jones/Jordan is, but Mingo is an SEC rounded talent who has shown he's got all the NFL skills required to be a player. Safe pick if he fell.

5. Corderelle Patterson WR Tennessee - Another guy who is going to fly up draft boards after the combine. Sky high potential, high bust factor. The tape is tantalizing... I usually hate the "compare draft pick to superstar player"... but watch his stride, and tell me it doesn't look just like Randy Moss.

6. The other 1st round WRs : Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Terrance Williams - I would not pay Mike Wallace. But, I would not go into next season without adding something to the WR core. Im a huge Antonio Brown fan. But he is NOT a #1 WR. I am not a believer in Sanders being more than a weak #2... solid #3. Brown is an EXCELLENT #2... if the chance to land a #1 comes along we should take it.