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Thread: Total lack of fire in the belly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    Damn, it must take a dumbass to have the record he has and 2 superbowl appearences already. Typical spoiled fan I take it. Have to go 13-3 every year and make the AFC championship game, or else its a fail. Right?
    Nah.....I think it's just fans who don't realize the complexity of the NFL. They associate it to their days playing high school football and think that Tomlin is a poor coach because they don't like his sideline demeanor. They remember running laps when they messed up in high school and think Tomlin should be making players run laps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    We've all seen games that just go sideways from the start, it happens!

    What bothered me was what I didn't see yesterday! Maybe I missed it but.............

    I never saw one player or coach get wranged up!

    I didn't see Ben calling out Wallace and Brown for the drops!

    I didn't see Tomlin do anything!

    I didn't see Haley yell at the offensive line!

    I didn't see a single agitated speech on the sidelines or in the huddle!

    It was like the entire team just accepted the loss from the very beginning!
    Steelers will do fine this weekend

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    This 80th season for the Stillers plain sucks!!

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