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Thread: Report: Colon done for year

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    DeCastro was in on the extra point team last week i can't figure out why they would activate him if they didn,t plan on playing him

    foster isn't fast enough to pull i'd rather see him at tackle and beachum at guard

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    ive always liked colon, at one point he was a top 5 RT, which many of you dont agree with but he was a monster run blocker on the right side.

    he is wildly inconsistent at guard....he has absolutely dominant games sometimes (ate geno atkins and the bengals LBs up (not just burfict)) but he has some horrible games doubt he looks the part and is one bad mother ****er, but he just seems to plateau as not being a refined player

    i have no problems with easing decastro in, but when hes the next man up he needs to be ready

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    Report: Colon done for year

    They need to get it figured out. What they had on the field last week was pretty bad!

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